Short Game Platform Top

BlindStrike Short Game Top is designed in the same principles as the putting platform and has achieved all the benefits of the putting platform as described previously with putting, but, in addition you achieve the following.
It allows the club to descend into the strike zone engaging the bounce of the club, producing the proper impact and loft and spin that is in the design of the club.

A putting stoke using a club other than a putter. A stroke that can and should be achieved with every club in the bag including and up to the driver? Yes, that’s right the driver!
Holding the club like a putter and at the length of your putter (which means you choke down to achieve that length) make a putting stroke using that club, letting the loft carry the needed distance and let the loft will produce the needed roll to the hole. Don't change what you do? Change the club you use.
I call it L.I.L “Loft is Liability” the more loft you use?, the greater the risk for failure. 
Use the ground, it’s your friend and it’s so easy to do. 
BlindStrike Short Game Top will produce the exacting stroke needed to achieve this every time. BlindStrike Short Game Top has become in such demand as has BlindStrike because it works immediately from the very first swing.

Pitching is the only move in golf where we are using the right hand (right handed players, left for left handed players respectfully) to produce the strike.
It more mirrors a tennis stroke, where the players cocks the club up in the back swing but, uses the motion of rotation of the body to deliver the club through the ball, it’s NOT a hit, It is ROTATION. I call this motion “Cock it and Pocket”. 
Again BlindStrike Short Game Top produces the environment needed to accomplish it every time.

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What is BlindStrike?

BlindStrike was invented from drills I used to train my players. The drill required that I be bent over holding a shaft and allowing my players to make a putt and having the face of the putter shape to angle of the shaft I had extended in front of them. Well, I’m just too darn old to have to be bent over all the time, so, invention was truly the need of necessity in this case.. Thus BlindStrike was born! 

On my drive home from the TPC of Scottsdale, where I work with my Tour players, the idea came to me so clearly. I could see it as if it were sitting in front of me. Like a new car spinning around at an auto show kind of of vision. The next day I raced to my local ACE hardware store and bought materials, broke out the saw and drills and went to work. What came of that was the very first BlindStrike

It was something to see, ugly, bulky and wrong! But I knew it had to be right! I just needed to work hard to get it perfect. And after 3 years of testing and refining too exacting specifications BlindStrike is perfect! Every dimension of BlindStrike is exactly as it should be. 

There are 1000’s of training aides in the market to assist players in getting better, many are what I call redo’s. They have been done before, new paint, new name and NO new results!

When I did research on my design I was shocked! To my surprise NOTHING had ever been made that was anything like BlindStrike dating back to as far as 1925.

Yet in BlindStrike so many features that are in some way found in many are but a part of what you get.

BlindStrike’s, length, width, height, radius and angles are engineered to be absolutely perfect allowing any putter of any design to work exactly as the club designers intended. “A perfect blue print to perfect putting”

Regardless of how you hold a putter, which method you prefer to use, BlindStrike will insure that what you do is perfect every time.

They key in its magic among many things is; During a putting stroke, every product that has been produced requires you the user to place your club to it, attach something to your putter to operate it, touches you in some way which creates an alarm to the brain that says “ you’d better do this right”? Defeating the very purpose behind it, “What has turned the brain on? Shuts the body off”, the very thing BlindStrike is designed to prevent from happening. 

BlindStrike take’s the need to think, operate and touch out of the process completely.

"We Shape Muscle Not Emotion"

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