I hope this will give all of you some insight as too me, my coaching philosophy and just why I invent these amazing products. I want you better and it’s my personal mission to see that it happens today!


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Dutch's Ideals

As an innovator and coach, my philosophy is simple, “I shape Muscle not Emotion“. Every player that I encounter regardless of talent level has the same goal, make the game simple, repeatable, consistent and fun. For that vast majority of us its recreation and should be just that, however, it doesn’t mean that we have to forgo being accomplished at it just because it’s fun. In fact, golf instruction has a 95% Failure rate? Why is that? 

For one, we have to change the very words we use if we are to change what we do. 


In my many of my clinics I ask a simple question “have you ever been in a “Sand Trap?” to a person, they all say “yes!!!”. I then reply, “How is that possible? Sand Traps don’t exist they never have” I’m sure they all think “oh’ my gosh what is this nut bag about? Until, I share this, “there are only “Bunkers” they are either filled with sand or grass, Now, what do you feel safer in? A Trap? Or a Bunker? The answer is obvious…Thus if we change the very words we use, we will change how we perform…
So, my points being made in the prior example is that if we try and deliver to any player information that is to produce feel? It simply is never and has never worked. 

This is why I invent products that do one thing and one thing only, produce the proper motion, feel and physical development without turning on the need to think of how do I do this? How do I operate them?

Example #2

You have 5 sensors​​

Built for the World

Made in the

Of the 5 which is most accurate? Then ask the following questions? 

Have you ever been fooled by what you’ve seen?
Have you ever been fooled by what you heard?
Have you ever been fooled by what you’ve smelled?
Have you ever been fooled by what you tasted?
"Yes, congratulations!! You now have the answer..."

"Once you feel something, you own it for life..."

Simple drill, 

Place 3 different coins in your pocket, then call em' out before you pull them out, you will then get my concept..
And this ladies and gentleman is exactly why I invented BlindStrike.
This like my coaching philosophy produces an environment where you can properly train without the need of information, see what you are doing to produce it, and heaven forbid you should ever taste it? But, the smell of success is in the air.
There are 3 types of training aides available in the market today? 1# those that you operate? 2# those that operate you? 3# those that operate you without you knowing it. 

I’ll rate them in order;



#2 Good


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#1 Poor

#3 Outstanding